Custom Made Forged Products

Crafted by Blacksmith Kristan.

Unique patio and garden gates custom designed for customers.
Stand alone or in combination with a fence.
For vehicles and people.
Gates of forged iron components that do not obscure the view.
Sheet metal gates for privacy.
Single wing, double wings or sliding.
Forged iron or cast brass handles.

Unique gates you can’t get and will not see everywhere.

Classic wrought iron gates

Wrought iron backyard and garden fences.
Wrought iron railings for balconies and outdoor stairs.
Custom designed and forged, blacksmithcrafted, protected against corrosion.
Classic wrought iron fence, forged parts combined with a woven net or sheet of metal.

Fences and railings with carefully designed details.

Custom made railings for staircases and galleries.
For straight, curved and spiral stairs.
Made of hand-hammered wrought iron
Made of laser-cut steel.
Made of stainless steel.

Wide variety of staircase railings.

Front doors, basement and interior metal doors.
Unique designed and hand-crafted doors.
Forged iron handles or cast brass handles.
Glazed front doors, interior doors with or without glass.

Custom-crafted blacksmith doors.

Wrought iron chandeliers, wrought iron wall and ceiling lamps.
Wrought iron lamp that standalone or atop wrought iron gates.

Forged iron, glass and light.

Wrought iron window grills.
Metal shutters, solid steel plates riveted between the flat steel profiles, which can also be forged.
Shutters and grills for windows and doors.
Shutters with latch or lock.

Unique decorations that provide additional security.

Forged canopies over the entrances to houses, churches or other structures.
Wrought iron gazebos and rose arches.
Forged pergolas for shade and vines.
Covered balcony and garden fireplaces.

Hammered protection against sun and rain.

Various Ironwork – from a wrought Christmas wreath to a nearly 3-meter cross. From Styria to Lake Tahoe in the Western U.S.
In Slovenia: forged hinges, mailboxes, grave crosses and garden taps, gun cabinets, wrought iron chests.

Decorative, functional and memorial blacksmith craftwork.