About Working In The Smithy

Blacksmith's workshop


Heat, dust, noise. Coke and charcoal forge. Coke from somewhere in the East, charcoal from a village above the Selška valley. Steel heated to over 1000°C. Pounded with a hand hammer or with a power hammer, a lufthamer. Forge the iron while it’s hot. Then back into the furnace. Repeat the exercise so many times that the product is finished. If it is pointed it is a pitchfork, if it is flat it is a shovel.

Kovač pri kovaškem ognjišču
Kladivo, roka, vroče železo, nakovalo
Vroče železo na nakovalu
Kovanje pod strojnim kladivom


Blacksmiths like to boast about their craftsmanship. In principle, the work is really manual, but for larger products, we also have to use machines – powered hammers, presses, drilling machines, welding machines. The assembly of the product is always by hand.

It is important that the blacksmith’s hand leaves its mark on the finished product, whether it is a candlestick or a courtyard gate.

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Hammered metal
Hammer blows
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Coke burnt