Crafted forged products made to order

Blacksmith Kristan

Custom-made forged products

From a wrought-iron bottle stand to a courtyard gate

Designed and hand-forged artisanal metalwork. From small decorative items to driveway gates. We help you with advice, ideas, sketches, so that in the end you get a quality, unique, forged product with your personal touch. Forged product handmade in Slovenia.

Hammer, hand, hot iron, anvil

A Tradition

House name Pr Kovač
(at the Blacksmith’s)

The family tradition of blacksmithing goes back at least 150 years. Most of that time we were engaged in classic or farrier blacksmithing, such as the repair of farm equipment, shoeing horses, etc. However, over the last 25 years our blacksmith work has turned to artisan blacksmithing, which now represents 99% of our total business.

At a young age I learned the craft of forging from my father, from whom I took over in 2004. Maintaining our long family tradition of blacksmithing is an imperative. We feel an obligation to manufacture in a true blacksmith way – with iron heated in a furnace then shaped by a hammer.

That's it

Three reasons for Blacksmiting Kristan

A unique design

Products designed to your specifications. Fresh ideas. With a site visit, interviews and sketches to the right product.

Precision craftsmanship

Measuring the situation and drawing up a workshop plan. Coordination of details. Sawing, drilling, heating, forging, bending, assembling ... installation.

Fine details

A courtyard gates or a wrought-iron candlestick. Running metres are not relevant. It's the carefully crafted details that matter.